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Index of Chinese Phrases and Vocabulary
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gain; make a profit

gain; obtain

gain improperly


gallant horse; swift horse

gallbladder; courage

game; set


gambling house; casino

garden; park

garden; plant nursery

garrulous; excessively talkative

garrulous; talkative on trivial matters

gas; air; inner strength

gas station

gasp; pant

gasp for air; pant

gate; door

gather; get together

gather; collect (ji, Mandarin pinyin practice)

gather; collect (jian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

gather; collect (shou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

gather; collect; pool together

gather and collect (of talents)

gathering; meeting

gathering; get together

gauze; veil; cotton yarn

gaze afar

gender; sex

general; approximate

general; universal; popular

general appearance

general idea; concept

general (military leader)

generally; approximately


generation; substitute

generation; world

generous; liberal with money

generous; magnanimous

generous; poised

generous and open-minded

genial; warm


gentle; supple; soft and gentle

gentle and refined

gentle wind; breeze (wei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

gentle wind; breeze (feng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

gentleman; Mister

gentleman; chivalrous man

gentlewoman; lady; fair lady

genuine; pure

genuine or sham; true or false

germ; bacteria

germinate; sprout

get, obtain

get; receive

get; take

get help, receive assistance

get into trouble

get into trouble; stir up trouble

get on the gravy train

get out of bed

get paid from the hirer, employer

get stuck into something

get up; rise

get used to; habit

getting better and better

getting old


ghost house; haunted house

giant; colossus

giantic; huge

giddy; dizzy

gift (video)

gift; present

gifted person; talent

gigantic; huge

gigantic; huge; colossal

gill of fish




girl (niu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

girl; daughter; woman

girl; younger sister

give (video)

give (gei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

give; bestow (shi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

give; bestow (ci, Mandarin pinyin practice)

give alms; almsgiving

give an authoritative order

give an example

give as a present

give back, return (video)

give back, return (huan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

give back to; return to

give for free

give me

give me (gei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

give me a little more time

give it to me

give one a scolding

give up; let go; abandon

give up smoking; quitting smoking

give way to; yield

give you

give you a birthday present

glad; joyful; delighted

glamor; attractive quality; charisma

glamorous; alluring; sensational

glamorous; angelic

glare; stare

glass marbles

glide in the air

glimpse at; dart a look at

glitter of jade

glittering; sparkling (Chinese idiom)

glittering and imposing; splendid and dazzling

gloomy; ominous; threateningly inauspicious (Chinese idiom)

gloomy; worried

glorious; exquisite; charming for woman

glorious; honorable

glory; splendor (hui, Mandarin pinyin practice)

glory; splendor (rong, Mandarin pinyin practice)

glossy; sleek; smooth


glue; mucilage

glue; stick; adhibit

glutinous rice tamale

glutton; voracious eater (ancient Chinese myth beast)

gnaw; nibble


go; leave

go; move; walk; travel

go against

go around; bypass; detour

go around and inspect

go around in an area

go astray

go away; depart from

go back on one's word

go back to; return

go fishing

go hastily

go home; return home

go on an expedition

go on foot; walk

go on patrol

go on strike

go secretly and quietly

go straight

Go straight ahead and turn left.

go through; connect; lead to

go through; penetrate

go to bed

go to bed; sleep (shui, Mandarin pinyin practice)

go to bed; sleep (jiao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

go to class; attend class

go to school

go to the movies

go to the seaside

go to the seaside and watch the sea

go toward

go vacationing; enjoy a vacation

go whoring; visit prostitutes

go wrong; err; make a mistake

goal; target

goat; sheep

god; deity

God! (My Heaven!)

God of thunder; Thor

going or staying

going to..

going to; about to

going or staying

going smoothly; having no trouble

gong (percussion instrument)

gold (huang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

gold (jin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

gold medal

gone; die; pass away

good; beautiful

good; fine; nice

good; fine; virtuous

good; goodness

good and evil

good at; able to

good at; expert in

good chance; good opportunity

good example; model to follow

good fortune; fortunate

good fortune; lucky

good health

good omen; auspicious; propitious

good people; nice guy

Goodbye! (video)

Goodbye! (zai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

good-looking; handsome

good-looking young man; handsome guy

good-natured; honest and sincere

good luck; safe and tranquil

good omen; lucky; fortunate

goods; cargoes


gorge; canyon

gorge; mountain valley

gorgeous; resplendent

gorgeous and brilliant

gorilla; chimpanzee; ape

gourd; melon

gourd ladle; wooden ladle

govern; control; administer


government official

grabble; crawl; creep

grace (God's grace)

grace; debt of gratitude

graceful; elegant (ya, Mandarin pinyin practice)

graceful; elegant (ping, Mandarin pinyin practice)

graceful; elegant; beautiful (xiu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

graceful demeanor; ethereal and beautiful

grade; class; quality

grade; rank; level

gradual enlightenment

gradually; progressively

gradually entering blissful circumstances


grain; provisions

granary; warehouse

grand and ceremonial

grand master



grandmother; old lady

grant; allow; permit

graph; picture

grasp; hold

grasp; seize

grass; straw

gratification; satisfaction


gratified; pleased; delighted

gratifying and satisfactory

gratis; free; without charge


gratuity; tips

grave; tomb (fen, Mandarin pinyin practice)

grave; tomb (mu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

gray; ashy

grease; fat

great; highest

great; immense

great; large; big

great; magnificent

great; mighty

great; stout; powerful

great efforts

great people

Great people can live for a long time.

great prosperity; flourishing financially

Great Wall

greatly admired person; idol


greedy for food; edacious


green jade

green onion

green tea

greens; vegetables (shu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

greens; vegetables (cai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

greet; receive; move towards

greeting card

grey color

grid; style


grief; anguish

grief; sorrow

grievance; unfairness

grind; crush; run over

grind; sharpen

grind or crush with a roller

grip; grasp

grocery shopping

groom; bridegroom

grope for; touch

ground; land

ground meat; minced meat

groundless; no purpose


group; numerous

group; round mass

group; team

group of people

group of people; crowd

ground; place

grove; woods; forest

groves of bamboo

grow, grow up

grow; multiply

grow up

growing sturdily

grown man

grub; dig

grub; scoop out

grudgingly; reluctantly; unwillingly

gruff; rude

guard; defend (shou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

guard; defend (wei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

guard against; prevent


guessing game; enigma breaking (cai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

guessing game; solve riddles (mi, Mandarin pinyin practice)


guest; visitor

guest of honor; distinguished guest

guide; lead

guidance; counseling

guide; lead (yin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

guide; lead (dao, Mandarin pinyin practice)


gulf; bay

gull; sea birds

gun; spear

gush; surge; emerge

gymnastics; calisthenics

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