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I, me (video)

I, me (wo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

I, me - dialect personal pronoun

I am..

I am 28 years old.

I am 56 years old this year.

I am a student.

I am afraid of spiders.

I am also very happy to meet you.

I am careful to do things slowly

I am doing things carefully

I am doing things very slowly

I am done (have finished doing something)

I am following behind her.

I am full. (have had enough to eat)

I am going to Taipei.

I am in a hurry

I am learning Chinese.

I am looking forward to a dream come true.

I am looking forward to your arrival.

I am not available right now.

I am not in a hurry

I am ready

I am sleepy

I am so bored

I am so hungry

I am so thirsty

I am so tired (video)

I am so tired

I am sorry

I am standing beside her.

I am traveling.

I am vegetarian

I am very busy

I am very poor.

I am walking ahead of her.

I apologize to you.

I borrowed a book from him.

I borrowed money from him.

I came from the United States.

I can

I can speak Chinese.

I can speak a little bit of Chinese.

I can hold chopsticks

I dislike cockroaches very much.

I don't care.

I don't eat

I don't eat beef.

I don't eat meat.

I don't eat pork.

I don't have time now

I don't have time right now.

I don't know (how to)

I don't know either.

I don't know why.

I don't know.

I don't understand

I don't want that one

I expect…

I expect it will be better tomorrow.

I expect that you will come back.

I forgot…

I forgot the time of the examination.

I forgot to take medicine.

I got to go.

I have

I have a pair of shoes

I have a pair of very good walking shoes

I have a problem here.

I have a question..

I have found you

I have my own place.

I have no more problems.

I have something to do..

I hope…

I hope this is true.

I hope this is not true.

I hope you are all well and safe.

I hope you can come back.

I lent him a book.

I lent money to him.

I like

I like listening to stories.

I like to listen to music.

I like riding bicycle

I like riding bicycle to work.

I like to eat

I like to eat beef.

I like to eat chicken.

I like to eat pork.

I like to travel with you.

I like travelling

I like walking

I like walking to school.

I like you

I live at home..

I live by myself.

I look forward to…

I lost track of time!

I need your help!

I returned the money to him.

I stay at a hotel.

I still have problems.

I want

I want a bowl of hot and sour soup

I want a cup of coffee.

I want a glass of water.

I want a plate of fried rice with shrimp

I want to lesten to music.

I want one portion of fried spring roll

I want this one

I want to drink something

I want to drink tea

I want to drink water

I want to eat fried noodles

I want to eat fried rice

I want to eat something

I want to eat spring rolls

I want to eat..

I want to rest

I want..

I will help you when I have time.

I wish…

I wish you were here.

I won't (do something bad)

I would like to have a chat

I'm a teacher.

I'm okay.

I'm okay. What about you?

I'm really sorry

I'm so hungry.

I'm so sorry

I'm very sorry


ice cube

icy cold; fresh and cold

idiot; stupid fellow

idiot; stupid person

idle; idleness

idle; lazy (dai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

idle; lazy (duo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

idle; leisurely

idol; puppet

idol; greatly admired person

if; what if

ignite; burn

ignore; neglect

ignore; suddenly

ill at ease; embarrassed

ill at ease; restrained

ill-fated romance

ill-treat; maltreat; treat cruelly

illuminate; shine upon

illuminati; brightness

illusory; fantasy

image; portrait

imitate; mimic; counterfeit

immediately; pause

immense; enormous; bulky

immense; great

immerse in liquid; soak

immortal; supernatural being

impartial; fair and impartial

immortal being; deity; fairy

impeded; delay

imperial; emperor

imperial chef; imperial kitchen

imperturbable; self-possessed; calm

implement; tool

impertinent behavior; recklessly bold or rash

impolite to decline

imposing; awe-inspiring

impossible to subdue; unlikely to be swayed (Chinese idiom)

imprint of a foot; footprint

imprison; jail; prison

imprisoned; behind bars

impulse; unreflective act

in (video)

in harmony; contact with

in process of

in spite of; notwithstanding

in the house

in the water

inability to sleep; unable to sleep

inauspicious; unlucky

incantation; mantra

incense burner

incessant; repeatedly


incense; joss stick

incisive; keen; acute


include; contain

incomplete; remnant; remaining

incomplete romance

increase; add

increase the distance between

indemnify; compensate


indicate; notify

indicate; point out

indignant; angry

indignant; sad

indistinct; suddenly

individually; each

indomitable; unyielding; dauntless (Chinese idiom)

indoorsy; favoring to indoor life

induce; cause

induce; rouse; offend

indulge; delay

indulge; self-indulgent

industrious; diligent

inescapable dragnet; tight encirclement

inexpensive; cheap

inexpensive; low-priced

infant; baby

infatuated; obsessed

inferior quality; bad

infinite; limitless; unlimited

infinite time; eternity

inflammation, -itis

inflate; expand

influence; momentum

inform; report

informal conversation; chat

ingenious; wonderful

ingenuous; silly


inhabitant; resident

inhale; suck; attract

inherit; succeed

inhuman; pathetic

initial; beginning of

initial particle for name or person

initial payment; earnest money

initial stage of something; germinate

injury; wound

injustice; submit

injustice or wrong

ink; black

inner; inside

inner strength

inner voice; conscience

innovate; reform

inquire; ask

inquire after; ask

inquisitive; curious

insane; crazy (feng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

insane; crazy (kuang, Mandarin pinyin practice)


insert; interject

inside (video)

inside; inner; interior

inside; within

inside and outside (li, Mandarin pinyin practice)

inside and outside (nei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

insist (video)

insist; persist

Insist on the pursuit of dreams continuously.

insist; persist (chi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

insomnia; sleeplessness

inspect; check; examine

inspirational; motivational

inspire; enlighten

inspire; open and enlighten the mind

inspire; start

inspiring awe; cool

instant; moment; very short time

instant realisation; enlightened instantly

instruct; teach

insufferable; unbearable

insufficient; deficient

insufficient; not enough

insult; disgrace; humiliate

insurrection; mutiny; betray

integrated; synthetic; comprehensive

intelligent; smart

intelligent; wisdom

intense; strong

intention; will; mind


interchange; exchange

interest; enthusiasm; willingness

interesting; entertaining


intermedium; medium

internal organs

internal strife; conflict inside the group

interrupt (someone while they are speaking)

intersect; join


intervene; step in


intimate; close

intimate; dear

intimate friend

intimate partner; companion

into; enter

into the mouth

intonation; accent

intone; recite; chant (song, Mandarin pinyin practice)

intone; recite; chant (yin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

intrepid and fierce; doughty and valiant

intricate; numerous

introduce; introduction

intrust; entrust

inverse; opposite

inverse; pour out


investigate; judge; review

investigate; observe

invincible opponent; unbeatable rival

invitation card


invite disaster; court disaster


involved in a lawsuit


iron; brand; sear

Iron Man

iron rust

irony; satirize

irrational; absurd; presumptuous

irritate; stimulate

is (video)

is; are; was; were

is not

Is it salty enough?

Is it sweet enough?

is learning

is practicing


islet; small island (dao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

islet; small island (yu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

issue; prosper

it (animal, thing)

it; this; that

It's a pity; It's too bad

It's about the news of typhoon.

It's all my fault

it's broken

it's none of (your) business

It’s time to…

It’s time to eat.

It’s time to take the medicine.

It's too spicy

It's too sweet

it will be better tomorrow

itch; itchy

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