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Q & A

qigong, breathing technique

quake; vibrate

quality of being excellent; strong point

quarrel; noisy


quality; grade; class

quantifier for a flower, cloud

quantify the number of horses

quantity; amount; capacity

quarrel; dispute


queen; empress

question (video)

questions and answers (wen, Mandarin pinyin practice)

questions and answers (da, Mandarin pinyin practice)

question in a test

question particle

question someone; submit questions

quibble; boast; show off


quick; fast (kuai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

quick; clever

quick; fast; rapid

quick; prompt (xun, Mandarin pinyin practice)

quick; prompt (jie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

quick and fast

quick of apprehension; clever; astute


quickly and eagerly; hastily

quiet; silent

quiet; silent; speechless

quiet; tranquil; secluded

quirky; characterized by peculiar traits

quit; cease

quit school; drop out

quite; rather; considerably

quite; very

quite a while

quite nice; very good

quitting; abstain from

quitting smoking; give up smoking


quiz; exam; test

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