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Index of Chinese Phrases and Vocabulary
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rabbit (video)

rabbit (tu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

Rabbit year of the Chinese zodiac sign

race of people

race; contest; tournament

racing horse

rack; shelf; stand


rage; fury; wrath

raging fire; fierce fire


raindrop; drops of rain

rage; wrath

raise; bring up

raise; grow; breed

raise; lift up

raise funds; fundraising

raise one's hand

raise the price


rake; harrow

rakish; pretty and cute

rancid; spoiled; soured

range; example

range; scope

rank; class

rank; level; grade

rank; order

rank of nobility

ranking of popularity

ranking of popularity; popularity ranking

rapid; prompt

rapid; swift; prompt

rapid economic growth; business is booming

rapport; affinity

rare; uncommon

rare; scarce

rarely seen

rash; foolhardy; effrontery

rash; harum-scarum

rash; impetuous

rat (video)

rat (shu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

rate; proportion

rather, would rather

rather; quite; considerably

rationality; principle

rattan; vine

raven; crow

ravioli; stuffed dumplings

raw materials

rays of light; brilliant rays

reach; arrive at

reach at; arrival

reach; successful

read; chant; recite

read; reading; peruse

read; review; inspect

read; study

read a book


ready; well-arranged

real; true

realize; sense

realize; understand

realize; understand clearly

realize the Zen gradually

really scared of

reason; logic

reason; principle

reason with someone

rebel against; resist

recalcitrant household owner who adamantly refuses to comply

recall; remember; memory


receive; accept (na, Mandarin pinyin practice)

receive; accept (shou1,4, Mandarin pinyin practice)

receive; get

receive assistance, get help


recite; chant

recite; intone; chant

reckless; exotic

reckless and irresponsible actions

recklessness; straight tempered

recklessly bold or rash; impertinent behavior

reclaim wasteland; cultivate land

recline; lie down

recognize; acknowledge

recognize; know

recollection; memory

record; notes taken down

record; put down in writing

record; write down

record-breaking; break record (lu, Mandarin pinyin practice

record-breaking; break record (po, Mandarin pinyin practice

recover; come back

recover; restore

recovered from sickness

recovered to health

recruit; enlist

recruit talents everywhere

rectangle; rectangular figure


red color

red pepper; hot pepper

reduce; decrease; lessen

refined and gentle

reflect; shine upon

reflect on oneself; self-examination

reform; innovate

refreshing; comfortable


refugee; displaced person

refuse; resist

refuses to admit; deny

refuse to pay a debt

refuse would be impolite

region; area

region; circumstance

regret; regretful

regret; repent

regulation; rule

reiterate; repeat

reinstate; recover

reject; say no

relatively; compare

relax; relieve

relax; slacken

relax; stretch

relaxed; free and easy

relaxed; restful; unhurried

release; let go

release a captured animal

reliable; trustworthy

relieved; free from worry awkwardness

relic; traces


religious discipline; commandment

reluctantly; grudgingly; unwillingly

rely on; by means of

rely on; depend on (kao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

rely on; depend on (lai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

rely on; depend on (yi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

rely on; depend on (zhang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

remain; stay

remain unchanged

remaining; surplus


remarkable; extraordinary

remarkable; prominent


remember; memorize

remember to be grateful

Remember to be grateful for family reunion.

Remember to call me.

remember with concern

remembering in one's heart (Chinese idiom)

remnant; remaining

remnant; surplus

remote and vague; distant and indistinct


render a salute

render one's service

rent; lease

repair; fix

repeat; overlap; reiterate

repeatedly; incessant

repel; upbraid


repent and reform; mend one's ways

replace; substitute

replenish; supplement

reply; answer


report of success

reportedly; according to what some say

repose; serenity; tranquility


repress; suppress

reproach; reprimand

reprove severely; admonish

repudiate a debt

repulsion; exclude

rescue; emergency rescue

rescue; save


reserve; order

reserve; retain

reserve; save

reserve a room

reserve a seat; booking


reside; dwell

reside; live; lodge

resident; inhabitant



resist; oppose

resist; rebel against

resolute; unwavering

resolution; determination

resolved; determined to

respect; esteem (zun, Mandarin pinyin practice)

respect; esteem (jing, Mandarin pinyin practice)

respect and admire; think highly of


respectful old man

resplendent; gorgeous

respond; answer; promise


rest (video)

rest (xiu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

rest (xi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

rest; sleep

rest assured; feel relieved

restaurant menu

restrain; refrain

restrained; ill at ease

retrench; practice economy

restrict; limit

restroom; toilet; lavatory (ce, Mandarin pinyin practice)

result; outcome

resurrect; bring back to life

retain possession of; keep

retreat from; withdraw

return; back (hui, Mandarin pinyin practice)

return; back (hui, Mandarin pinyin practice)

return, give back

return, give back (huan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

return; go back to

return; refund; send back

return borrowed money

return home; go home

return in triumph; triumphant return

return to one's hometown


reveal; appear

revenge; vengeance

reverse; turnaround; unexpected change

review; judge; investigate

revile a person

revival; come back to former glory

revolt against; betray

reward; award

rewards and punishment


rhyme; vowel

rice (video)

rice (mi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

rice balls; onigiri

rice seedlings

rice wine

rich; wealthy (fu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

rich; wealthy (kuo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

rich and successful; succeed in business

riches and honor

riddle; puzzle


ride a horse (qi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

ride a horse (ma, Mandarin pinyin practice)

ride or drive around for fun

riding a bike

ridge; edge

ridiculous; absurd

right; correct

right and wrong (shi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

right and wrong (fei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

right now; present moment

right or wrong

right way; correct path

right way; correct path; decent way

right (direction)

right side

right-hand side

rights; legal rights

righteousness; justice; loyalty

ring; finger ring

ring; loop

rip; tear off

rise; get up

rise; raise

rise and fall

rising sun (xu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

rising sun (zhao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

risk; risky

risk-taking; taking risks

river (video)

river; large river

river; Sichuan


river (he, Mandarin pinyin practice)



road; route

road; street


roam; stroll

roam; sweep off

roam about; wander about

roar; howl


roast; bake

roast; toast; bake

roast; toast; bake

roast meat; barbecue

roast turkey

rob a place using violence

robber; thief

rub; rush


robe; long gown

robust; vigorous and energetic

rock; stone (yan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

rock; stone (shi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

rock and roll

rock crystal

roe; egg; ovum

role; character

roll; turn over and over

roll up, a roll

romance; love


romantic attachment

roof of a house

roofing tile


room; chamber

room; house

room with toilet and bath (or shower)




rotate; revolve; spin

rot; rotten

rotate; revolve

rotten; decayed (lan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

rotten; decayed (sou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

rotten idea; lousy idea

rough; coarse

rough and round; approximate

round mass; group

round mass of food

rouse; induce; offend

rouse to action; urge spiritually

routed; dispersed

row; line

row a boat; paddle a boat

row a boat (hua, Mandarin pinyin practice)

royal; imperial

rude and unreasonable; outrageous

rub; scrub; polish

rub against

rub gently; knead by hand

rub with hands


rude; rough

rude; uncultured

ruffian; riffraff

rug; carpet

ruin; destroy

ruined; break down

rule; govern; preside

rule; regulation

rules; discipline

rules; manners; well-behaved

rules; regulations

rumble, thunder

rumble with thunder


run; flee

run; move quickly

run away; flee; escape

run over; crush

run quickly

running; jogging

running water; flowing water

ruses of war

rush; dash; forge ahead

rush; rub

rush toward; crush inwards; fall toward

rushing water; rapidly flowing

rust; iron rust

ruthless; cruel

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